Python Coding Style

In order to make the code more maintainable, and helps developers understand code in reviews, we have a set of style guidelines for clarity.

  • Please read pep8 style guide before you try to contribute any code. The guidelines gives some basic coding conventions, including:

    • Code lay-out

    • String Quotes

    • Naming Conventions

    • Comments

  • Some general guidelines you should follow like following when you write SDK code:

    • Use only UNIX style newlines (\n), not Windows style (\r\n)

    • It is preferred to wrap long lines in parentheses and not a backslash for line continuation.

    • Do not import more than one module per line

    • Docstrings should not start with a space.

    • Multi line docstrings should end on a new line.

    • Multi line docstrings should start without a leading new line.

    • Multi line docstrings should start with a one line summary followed by an empty line.

  • For every api which will be used by our client, the api Docstrings are mandatory. We are here following the Python docstring format. For example:

def square_root(n):
    """Calculate the square root of a number

        n (int): the number to get the square root of
        square_root (float): the square root of n
        TypeError: if n is not a number
        ValueError: if n is negative


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